Stop wasting Money and Time! Let TalentFlux Find and Screen candidates for your skilled & Hourly jobs. Automatically.
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Generate More & Better Applicants
Our unique Mobile Job Matching functionality converts 9x qualified candidates than any other mobile application methods in the market by providing a mobile first candidate experience.
Only The Qualified and Interested
Our Job-Fit Algorithm uses the applicant's experience + availability + distance + interest + personality + emotional intelligence to help you focus on the best candidates before they accept another job opportunity!
Auto Schedule a Time to Talk!
Quickly and effortlessly increase the number of successfully scheduled interviews and phone screening calls per day by 400% with TalentFlux Auto Scheduler!
We Find Great Candidates
Each job post triggers our Premium Job Distribution engine which selects the paid job boards, online classifieds and job aggregators that are most likely to find the talent you need. At no extra cost!
Keep Them Engaged to Your Job
TalentFlux's Drip Recruiting Strategy decreases withdraw rates and assures that more candidates complete all the necessary qualification steps before being presented to you.
End the Candidate-Recruiter Tag
Our platform automatically calls all qualified and interested candidates and gets recorded answers to job-relevant questions that can be reviewed by you when and where you want.
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